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Aeolus is a software that is dedicated to the organisation of international transport for air, sea and road operations.

Already used in 25 countries, it is robust and uses reputable databases...

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One single Software in 25 countries

Aeolus is international and used in 25 countries. It manages the legal and operational specifics of each country, ideograms as well. It is used by 30 customers with businesses of all sizes.

A Real Multimodal (air, sea and road)

Our software covers both overseas and European transport consolidation as well as add-ons for Sea/Air, Ro-Ro. You do not have to change your software, the environment is common whichever the transport mode used.

Track and trace, BI, Reporting for Customers

Aeolus has some tools such as a Track & Trace tool, a Business Intelligence tool and a reporting tool which automatically sends reports to your customers.

Productivity : EDI and mass process

Thanks to the EDI exchanges, you are linked to your environment: customers, counterparts, sub-contractors, drivers and exclusive carriers. They all use our mobility solution. You don't have to re-enter information so it limits the risk of error. As the information is mass-treated, although always detachable, production is faster and better. You can present to your customer an "adapted" process even though it is, for the most part, automatic in-house.


The databases are the best on the market and, thanks to the way they are organised, Aeolus is robust. The optimization of storage (never purging data), the notion of obsolescence and the possibility of data mergers contribute to the durability of the information processed by the software.

Strong Points

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Do you know today what your external and organic development will be tomorrow? Perhaps not totally, but Aeolus will know how to adapt.

Implementation and integration from A to Z

You would like to have a direct link with software's publisher in terms of integration, formatting, training and support: we work this way with our customers unless they wish to implicate their teams very early in the process.

Support Reactiveness

Our support is known for its efficiency and speed of reactivity, in French and in English, all over the world. 

in English

Licence or SaaS and Outsourcing

With Aeolus, the customer is free to choose : purchase (licence), rent (SaaS), just the software or the total package (outsource).

Users Profiles

The Strong Points

For operations For the Financial Director For the CIO FOR SALES FOR THE MANAGING DIRECTOR
  • Research

The multiple contextual criteria on all the lists can be combined making it possible to find the elements sought. The number of retrieved lines is unlimited. The results can then be transferred to an Excel file.

  • Virtualization of Documents

Whether originating from shared directories, messaging (Outlook and Thunderbird) or automatically generated by Aeolus, virtualized documents can then be propagated to agents and clients thanks to their type and the predefined lists (package export agent ...)

  • PDF, Excel, Outlook, other tools such as fax machines/ personal customisation

Your office environment is omnipresent in your daily work: Aeolus interacts with it (bi-directional links). You are used to make beautiful documents within in this environment and Aeolus is in harmony with your graphic charter, is coherent and is a symbol of quality in front of your customers.

  • Strong Automatic Tariffing

More than forty calculation bases are available. Invoicing schemes for sales and typing of recurring purchasing files, make this module extremely powerful. Semi-automatic modes allow the operator to control more one-off or variable tariffs.

  • Interfaces ++

An irreproachable interface between operations and finance is priceless. Aeolus can have up to 10 direct links to accounting systems all over the world. We can also provide a generic interface that adapts to accounting systems where the entry method can be parameterized.

  • Credit limits, the overall balance or the detailed entries

In addition to the transfer of third parties from Aeolus to or from the accounting system, we recover the credit limit and the balance in a global or detailed form. This last possibility means the entries can be analysed and adjusted to the real situation.

  • Regular Control

Controlling outstanding customers and comparing them to their credit limit is mandatory. The way it is done has been very precisely defined (thanks to thirty-odd adjustments!) and allows firm blockages, conditional blockages or simple warnings per your policy. Unlocking the blockage can be done via a "one-time" password.

  • Formatting the interfaces and all financial aspects

Your Financial Director wants to recover the figures from operations in the accounts but with great finesse in the way they are allocated to the general and analytical accounts. He also wants the titles and transferred information be in such a way that they allow easy use and easy searches.

  • Piloting: file margins, closing

Aeolus offers a clear summary of the margin on your file. Moreover, the only margin, contextually coloured, is visible at any moment, as soon as you touch a financial element. You want to close your figures on the last day of the month and include all the validated financial elements: Aeolus allows this intelligently, freezing or given flexibility to the administrator.

  • Builds on major database engines / Available data model

Do you have Oracle or perhaps an SQL Server or even an SAP Sybase Business or Anywhere? Aeolus is operational with these four database engines. If you have a basic administrator and want to process Aeolus data using a BI tool, the data model is available to you. In addition, a "trace" mode allows you to retrieve requests sent to the database.

  • Adapted to the role of everyone in the company (profile management) / single sign-on (SSO mode)

The management of profiles and access rights will be defined by the size of your company. The SSO mode (single sign on) that we advocate guarantees the permissions and restrictions applied to each employee.

  • Qlikview

The Qlikview tool available on the market is very simple to use by the computer scientist and for collaborators ... who are not computer scientists. The tool is delivered with a library allowing for immediate use. You then have the freedom to develop for yourself what we have provided.

  • Entry and Exit Interfaces

You are in front of your customer. He will be sensitive to the availability of shipments (and associated virtualized documents) via a Track and Trace and / or sending automatic reports at frequencies defined between him and you, regardless of the form. If it is a large exporter, he will be reassured to know that the EDI can integrate his shipments, without re-entry and therefore without error.

  • CRM Light Integrated;

A CRM tempts you, but you are not sure that your team will adapt. The Aeolus CRM has the advantage of being integrated into the application. It is a simple product that makes ten times the information entered, which reassures the sedentary or nomadic commercial operators who enter the information.

  • ERP

Some clients call Aeolus their ERP. The bidirectional link with accounting, operations management in the widest terms including a CRM, an array of requests partially substituting for a BI tool, the ability to exchange data seamlessly with third-party software … all this enters that definition.

  • Adaptability

You know what you are today, what you will want for tomorrow. But will after tomorrow be the prolongation of tomorrow? Many of our clients have grown organically and through acquisitions that have little to do with the initial context … and we have always known how to follow them.

  • Stability

Stability of the company, stability of the team, stability of the databases, stability of the product and all within the confines of a true partnership: this is what guarantees you both a relationship beyond what is written in the contract and the performance of the application long after its purchase.


Our Partners

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Customer Testimonies


In 2010, we chose Aeolus for our sea operations. Several years later we set up an office in The Reunion: the installation was fast. Recently we created an Air Department: after half a day of training, Aeolus perfectly fit to our needs.


Manage and organise transport from A to Z, door to door

Olivier PUECH, Managing Director

Aeolus has replaced a locally developed application that covered only part of our business. Thanks to the EDI with our correspondents, equipped or not with Aeolus and with all the specificities to manage Moroccan operations, we have an efficient and stable solution with this software. And we have the pleasure to deal with people who really know our job... and our company!


The Point of Reference for Logistics in Morocco


We started with Aeolus 8 years ago and went from 30 to 110 posts. In the meantime, the requirements of our major customers in terms of reporting have grown hugely. LOG System has shown itself to be responsive while working in perfect harmony with our in-house IT services. And finally, Aeolus meets our expectations perfectly well.


Specialist in international transport and logistics services in Europe and Asia


I knew Philippe Le Bihan when he was a freight forwarder. For our international road groupage business and thanks to the powerful operational and financial functions of Aeolus and to the implementation of the EDI with our correspondents, my company is efficient and offers a quality service tailored to our customers. The LOG System support is always available and is particularly reactive.


Company specializing in the chartering and organization of transport sector

Marc FAGNEN, Deputy Managing Director

We have been working with LOG System since 1991. After developing a specific software together we switched to Aeolus in 2005. We can only welcome it, for both operations management and functions around finance. By the end of 2016 we changed our database and we are preparing to do the same for accounting. Aeolus is a multi-base and multi-accounting software so it is possible to do this without impacting the daily life of our operational staff.


Mathez Freight Forwarding Group

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