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LOG System offers its customers owning software developed by the latter (Transit or Medical domain) a service to manage their infrastructure

Administration IT Security HelpDesk

Administration of your infrastructure

  • Domain and network administration and monitoring
  • Account administration and user rights
  • Messaging Administration (Office 365)
  • Print and Device Management
  • Management of support and maintenance contracts

Sécurité informatique

  • Establish a security strategy (firewall, anti-virus and software)
  • Define a backup plan and data restore tests
  • Daily supervision of the safe operation of the backups in place
  • Verification of security equipment and software updates
  • Establishment of a business recovery plan (BRP)

HelpDesk and Workstation Management

  • A service dedicated to listening to users
  • Remote control of your employees' workstations when necessary
  • Follow-up of interventions for the resolution of incidents
  • Access to a knowledge base for minor dysfunctions
  • Reduction in the number of instances of administration


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