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Our teams are functional and technical experts on their respective trades

Audit Training TMS Integration Optimisation


  • General organization of the structure
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Definition of a target organization
  • Measurement of deviations
  • Recommendations
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up Plan
  • Personalised training
  • Knowledge update: inter-structures training
  • Accredited organization

Transport Management System

  • We are specialists in international transport
    • Air, sea or road
    • We have the competency and the expertise to assist you in deploying your TMS
  • Analyse the need
  • Target modelling
  • Functional and technical advice
  • Conducting Change
  • Piloting and realization of specific developments

Business dematerialization

  • Transportation : eAWBL, eBL, Cass, Edifact

  • Health : H'Santé, HL7, Apicrypt, FSE


  • Customer Solution :
    • Transportation : order management, track and trace
    • Health : results server, online payment
  • EDI / Specific Interfaces

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